WCA Relocations, Relocation Network

Member Qualification

All WCA Relocations members are required to meet the group's exacting standards of experience, professionalism and financial strength.

No forwarder can become a WCA Relocations member without satisfying the strict criteria for experience, quality of service and reliability. Membership is constantly monitored to ensure these standards are maintained, assuring clients the highest levels of service, capability and security every time.

Qualification and Criteria Checking:

  • The application must be made by a member of the organization which is applying in legal form.
  • The applicant must be able to show its business has been in relocations for a minimum of three years. Any company must have a dedicated team handling relocations and must be able to demonstrate its quality, experience and financial strength.
  • All new members must be local or regional companies with good reputations in their industry specific operations including, finance, operations, communications and other professional factors which must be verified through three references from their current customers / partners of abilities and satisfaction.
  • All applicants, including existing WCA members, must submit one recent case study from its current Relocations portfolio with full details and images. (These are for internal use only and will not be released).
  • All applicants must be fully insured in line with their relocations.