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Top 5 Packing Tips
Feb 18, 2015


Top 5 Packing Tips

Top 5 Packing Tips
From The Moving Doctor, Mark Nash

  • Always use good quality moving cartons and use 2 inch tape top and bottom across the middle and also along the sides to form an "H". Duct tape works really well too.
  • Make sure your cartons are full. If not the box will collapse when another is stacked on top.
  • You can never use too much bubble wrap.
  • For fragile items, crumple up packing paper in bottom of box and again on top so your items are nicely cushioned in the middle.
  • If you are shipping a bike, go to a local bike store and ask them if they have a used bike box you can have as most new bikes get delivered in them. You will have to take the pedals and handlebars off and may be the front wheel but now its all protected in a flat box rather than an akward shape.

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Moving For Love?

Valentine's Day Is Around The Corner!

As it is Valentine's day this month a quick mention about moving for LOVE. UPakWeShip moves a lot of people due to that four letter word!

People these days meet on dating sites, or introduced on Facebook or similar and start chatting. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, please make sure you have actually met in person before you pay us to ship all your thing half way around the world!

You would be surprised at how many shipments we have returned as things were not as the person had thought they would be. Having said that we have moved a lot of fiancรฉs and fiancรฉes that are living happily ever after. We did get the wedding dress there on time!

There is one very favorite shipment that sticks out in my mind when talking about moving for LOVE. It was a few years ago from Virginia To England. I met and moved a lovely lady who was in her 80's and was moving to get married for the first time to a gentleman in England.ย Now that's true LOVE.

P.S. If you need help with your move overseas or international shipment, we would LOVE to help!
Contact us today!

Is There A 10 Foot Shipping
Unfortunately there is not such a
container so my advice is use the 20 foot container but dont stack
everything up one end as it will all fall over. Load items tight on the floor front to back and side to side so nothing can move. Don't worry if you don't stack it high. Just play Tetris and get everything to fit nicely next to each other so nothing moves if the truck driver jams on his brakes or the ship has a rough crossing!

Do I Pay When I Book?
No we don’t ask for any payment information when you book. We will invoice around the time of your move but not when you book.

What Extras Should I Expect To
You shouldn’t be paying anything extra on a normal move with UPakWeShip. See Our Price Guarantee.

What About Insurance?
I always advise taking out an insurance policy for your move. It isn't expensive as the risks are low but accidents do happen and storms can come out of nowhere. We use Wells Fargo who are very user friendly.

Where Are You? (When I'm On The Phone)
My English accent confuses some people when they call! They think they have called England lol but i am based in Charleston Sc. This is our USA HQ but we have sales and operation people based in the midwest, west coast, New York, DC and Florida. We also have 88 receiving terminals across the country.

What Does Your All Inclusive Price Really Mean?
It means under normal circumstances that’s it. Nothing extra. Now having said that, if you tell me you live on top of a mountain that only a donkey and cart can get to or you have brand new items that you to customs then yes there will be extras but the average person moving with UPakWeShip will not be paying any extra!


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