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Be prepared for the Moving season!
May 14, 2015

It's Moving Season!

With one month to go before the relocations rush, many of your clients are starting to pack and get organized for the big moves.

Here are some quick expert moving tips.

  1. Use actual moving boxes. (They're designed to be sturdier and keep stuff safe.)
  2. Bubble wrap is your friend!
  3. Don’t skimp on packing materials, if it is worth taking it is worth packing well.
  4. Keep boxes below 50lbs so they don’t bust open or squash your other boxes.
  5. Packing two smaller, lighter boxes is better than one large heavy box.
  6. Some items are best in their original packaging or in a specialized box, such as picture or flat screen TV boxes.
  7. Musical Instruments and golf clubs are best in a hard case.
  8. Are plastic tubs ok to use? While we recommend using cardboard moving boxes as they hold up the best, yes you can use the plastic totes/tubs.Tape the lids on really well and wrap the plastic tub itself with duct tape.

BONUS SPACE SAVING TIP:Vacuum pack clothes before placing in cartons. It will save you a ton of space and keep things tidy during your move overseas.

If you are a moving expert and want to be part of the WCA Relocations network contact victor@wcaworld.com and join rush with our team of removals experts!



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