WCA Relocations, Relocation Network


The WCA Relocations offers a variety of benefits to its members, that allow for a fluid and efficient environment to exchange and grow business opportunities. Take advantage of these powerful tools - join the network now and be a qualified WCA Relocations member!

  1. US$2,000,000 member to member financial protection (NOT limited to bankruptcy or insolvency). Read more

  2. Access to WCA Networks with 6589 member offices in 192 countries. Read more

  3. Global coverage with reliable partners worldwide. Read more

  4. Meet with fellow relocations specialists face-to-face at our yearly conference. Read more

  5. Free member-to-member payment program, eliminating banking fees. Read more

  6. Access to our online, tailor-made relocations cargo insurance to increase profit margins. Read more

  7. Direct access to comprehensive, low cost business insurance. Read more

  8. Free listing on our mobile application partner MoveMatch. Read more

  9. The WCA Relocations promotes its members regularly to targeted clients globally. Read more

  10. Access to Triglobal – offering special pricing on qualified removals leads. Read more